Saturday, February 1, 2020

About post-classical network period of television (1980s- present) Research Paper

About post-classical network period of television (1980s- present) - Research Paper Example Various themes predicated in the show reveal a drastic shift in the values of families, individuals, also how women empowerment had begun as a struggle back in the era. Furthermore, the effect of social class system on the overall social blanker of the society is also apparent. Therefore, the paper will explore the dimension where Lorelai Gilmore had to go through a hard struggle her entire life for the sake of her brilliant yet angelic daughter Rory Gilmore as a single mom. Also, the paper will explore the educational aspects of the era explicating how the educational system is quite competitive not just in terms of brilliance but also in terms of class struggle. Therefore, the paper will aim at explaining transitions in the society over time by focusing on the two aspects highlighted above. The post classical network period was a period of immense experimentation with comparatively bolder themes. With the advent in technology and industrialization, the social change also followed where people started accepting the liberal mindset. Yet, that doesn’t imply that there was absolutely no resistance. This was one of the reasons why TV shows started focusing on tabooed themes to explain the issues surrounding them. Gilmore Girls revolve around the central theme which narrates the story of a single mother struggling to nurture her daughter and raise her as an empowered individual (Diffrient & Lavery 21). Her daughter, Rory is an extra-ordinary student with a passion for reading and hopes to get into Harvard one day. Lorelei`s status conscious affluent parents didn’t approve of her lifestyle choice to raise her daughter as a single child, thus she left the comforts of her parent`s home and moved to a small-town with a simple life. Though both the mother and the da ughter love their simple lifestyle, yet Lorelei isn`t capable enough to financially support her daughter`s education and thus, she had to reach out to

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